RHL RENOVA Cancer Centre, Jaipur provides comprehensive cancer care in Rajasthan. At centre we are providing all the facilities of oncology branch of science under one single roof. Our hospital equipped with state-of-art technology, with patients having access to all the latest cancer therapies. We have an integrated approach to cancer care delivery. Our cancer treatment is a combination of skilled and professional team of specialists, along with advanced technologies, that ensure patients receive the right care and treatment for cancer with personal touch. Patients have access to a full range of cancer care - from prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and supportive/palliative care.

Our diagnostic facility is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technology, popularly known as PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography. The scope of nuclear medicine reached at par with global standards after we started our gamma med and low dose radioisotope therapies
The modalities of cancer treatment offered are medical, surgical and radiation oncology. Along with low dose isotope therapy.

Types of Oncology Specialities And Diseases

There are three main classifications of oncology, namely

Medical oncology: Medical oncology focuses on the treatment of cancer through non-surgical means such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Surgical oncology: Surgical oncology is the area of speciality that treats cancer through surgical means such as removal of tumours. The obtaining of a sample of tissue through biopsy is also classified under surgical oncology.

Radiation oncology: Radiation oncology focuses on treating cancer through radiation therapy.

There are also other classifications of oncology depending on the specialisation of the doctor.

At RHL RENOVA Cancer Centre, our cancer care specialties are classified as:

Breast Cancer: Breast cancers are treated through different therapies. Surgical breast cancer treatment involves the surgical excision and removal of cancer and the nearby tissue, in either or both of the breasts or the lymph nodes. Conservative breast surgery, oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstructive surgery are also treatments that are provided under this speciality. Surgery may be used as a treatment with radiation or chemotherapy.

Gynaecology Oncology: The treatment of cancers of the female reproductive system for all age groups. The gynaecology oncologist specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer that starts in women’s reproductive organs.

Head and Neck Surgery- Oncology: Tumours and cancers in the head and neck regions are under this speciality. This includes the sinuses, mouth, nose, and throat. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancers are linked to tobacco, and 75% are associated with a combination of tobacco and substance abuse.

Integrative Oncology: This speciality has an integrative and holistic approach to inpatient and outpatient cancer care. It aims to use complementary approaches to support the cancer patient’s health in mind, body and spirit. Integrative oncology in the form of additional treatment approaches such as naturopathy aims to reduce the pain and complications related to cancer treatment and to some extent signs also.

Medical Oncology: Medical oncology is focused on the treatment of cancers through non-operative means such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, radiation and all other non-surgical means.

Ortho - Oncology: The treatment of tumours and cancers related to bones and soft tissues is in the scope of this speciality.

Pediatric Oncology: The treatment of children and young adults with cancer. The treatment and management of pediatric cancer patients are very different from that of adults. Pain and Palliation Oncology: Cancer patients suffer a lot of pain. Pain and palliative care is the most important part of cancer care. It deals with the treatment and management of pain in cancer patients. RHL RENOVA Cancer Centre is a cancer care hospital in India that focuses on providing the best pain and palliative care to cancer patients.

Radiation Oncology: Radiation oncology is a medical speciality that involves the use of radiation to treat or cure cancer or to reduce the symptoms and pain triggered by cancer. Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer by radiation which is delivered by the qualified radiation oncology team. The treatment of cancer by controlling or destroying cancer cells through the use of ionizing radiation. RHL RENOVA Cancer Centre offers radiation treatment through the latest cutting-edge technology that delivers radiation in a very precise manner to reduce treatment times.

Surgical Oncology: Most cancers are treated with the removal of tumours and marginal tissues. Surgical oncology is usually complemented with radiation therapy or chemotherapy to destroy the remaining cancer cells. Surgical oncology also involves biopsy procedures to obtain samples of tissues. It includes palliative surgery to relieve pain and discomfort, and restorative or reconstructive surgery to improve the appearance of the body, after other oncology surgery.

Dr. Mahender Acharya

Sr. Consultant & Head – Nuclear Medicine

Dr Abhishek Pareek

Sr. Consultant & Head – Surgical Oncology

Dr Manish Chomal

Medical Director Sr. Consultant & Head – Radiation Oncology

Dr. Minaal Iyer

Consultant- Radiation Oncology

Dr. Sarjeet kumar

Jr Consultant - Surgical Oncology